High Purity Polymer Products 302-536-6388
Certified to ISO 9001:2015


FlowSmart brings you Innovations that are essential for Orifice Plate gasket needs combined with our pedigree of polymers bonded to plates with 10 ra or better finishes. With the advent of the RIGHT ANGLE TAB Gasket and PTFE ORIFICE PLATE Gaskets that are actually bonded to the metal meet processing needs like never before.


in bonded PTFE and PolySteel Orifice Plates Only FlowSmart bonds our PTFE and Stainless Filled PTFE "PolySteel" to the Stainless Steel Plates. The other brand traps the plate between the gasket, which creates a cavity at the PTFE to metal contact surface. FlowSmart has developed an innovative process to actually bond to the plate.

RIGHT ANGLE TAB ORIFICE PLATES no special clamp required!

The exclusive RIGHT ANGLE TAB GASKET design from FlowSmart allows users to know where an orifice plate is in a line and information can be etched on the tab. All of these benefits are achieved without the need for an expensive slotted clamp. The Right Angle Tabbed Orifice Plate gasket works with standard clamps.

FlowSmart Orifice Plate Gaskets are manufactured to higher standards. We start with a 10ra plate finish and we bond our pedigree of USP Class VI tested compounds.

FlowSmart Orifice Plates offer a variety of Flow Control Solutions

Orifice Plate gaskets can be bought with a Right Angle or Straight Tab or with a round plate. Holes can be included eccentric or concentric for free draining in horizontal pipelines. All FlowSmart high quality elastomers are available including PTFE and Stainless Filled PTFE materials that are bonded to the stainless steel plate.

Options: Materials include EPDM, Viton, Platinum Cured Silicone, PTFE, TFM, PolySteel (316L Stainless Steel and PTFE) and PolyDetect elastomers. Sizes are available from ½" to 8". Can be supplied blank (with no hole), a hole in the center an eccentric hole. Tabs can be engraved with information.

Orifice Plate



Material Codes

G-PS PolySteel

Gasket Sizes

050 1/2"

Hole Sizes

/006 1/16"

A 80

G Teflon

075 3/4"

/009 3/32"



100 1"

/012 1/8"


V Viton A

150 1.5"

/015 5/32"


VGF Viton GF-600S

200 2"

/018 3/16"


RXPX Platinum Silicone

250 2.5"

/021 7/32"

300 3"

/025 1/4"

400 4"

/031 5/16"

600 6"

/037 3/8"

800 8"

/043 7/16"

A80G-PS-050 1/2" PolySteel Orifice Plate Gasket with a 1/8" Hole
A80MPE-150 1.5" EPDM Orifice Plate Gasket Blank
A80MPV-200 2" Viton Orifice Plate Gasket with a 1/16" Hole

All PolyOrifice Gaskets™ meet the toughest high standards:

  • Full traceability of American manufactured materials.
  • Final article testing United States Pharmacopeia Class VI < 87 > and < 88 >. Made to ASME BPE standards.
  • 3A Sanitary tested and audited.
  • Animal Derived Ingredient Free to ensure products that are safe from BSE.