High Purity Polymer Products 302-536-6388
Certified to ISO 9001:2015

PolyConnect (Compression Control)

FlowSmart raises the bar by combining the industryʼs best performing elastomer compounds with our engineered plastic. Our second generation of rubber and plastic gaskets is now evolved to enable an operator slide the gasket into place in a confined area making installation easier than ever. Slide the PolyConnect gasket into place and the 180 degree flange locates the seal and holds the gasket in-place while your hands are free assemble the clamp into position.

Evolved Single Flange allows assembly into confined areas.

FlowSmartʼs innovative outer ring geometry provides the hands free benefit that flanges offer but the 180 degrees of spacing allows the gasket to slide into place without requiring installers to spread the piping apart beyond what it was designed to be separated. System builder can assemble skids without special consideration for cumbersome flanges and other gripping gaskets. Thereʼs no need to spend additional labor hours spreading piping to accommodate the flanges that donʼt allow for the easy fit up.

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