High Purity Polymer Products 302-536-6388
Certified to ISO 9001:2015

Pipeline Gaskets

Advance Detection Gaskets automatically detect polymer decomposition inside your process line!

Our Advanced Detection Program is larger than ever. We now offer:

  • AS-568 O-RING
  • Tri-Clamp Gaskets, Flanged Gaskets Bevel Seat
  • John Perry
  • Q-Lines
  • I-Line Gaskets.
  • We can also make custom geometries.

Flow Smart's Advanced Detection Gasket Program (ADG) identifies polymer particles that are in your product flow by signaling through standard metal detectors. So users are notified in "ADVANCE" of shipping packaged product to retail stores, diminishing costly and embarrassing product recall. With ADG Processors, we are able to locate gasket particles in-line using metal detectors. X-raying product is no longer necessary to find contaminants.

Advanced Detection Gasket Part Numbers:

Gasket Type Material Code Gasket Sizes Gasket Colors

40 MP Clamp

G-PS P olySteel

050 1/2" 400 4"

BK Black

40 MPF Flanged

U Buna

075 3/4" 500 5"

RD Red

40 BS Bevel Seat


100 1" 600 6"

BE Blue

40 JP J ohn Perry

SFY Viton A R

150 1.5" 800 8"

PE Purple

40 Q Q-Line

V GF Viton GF-600S R

200 2" 1000 10"

WE White

40 I I-Line

X Silicone

250 2.5" 1200 12"

MD Mustard

300 3"