High Purity Polymer Products 302-536-6388
Certified to ISO 9001:2015


FlowSmart is proud to offer the only line of PTFE bonded to Rubber products made in America. PTFE bonded gaskets offer the best of all Worlds, a PTFE surface with the compressibility and memory of an elastomer. PTFE and Stainless Filled PTFE have excellent chemical resistance and with our innovative gaskets they now have superior sealing characteristics. The combination of rubber and PTFE create a the most compressible PTFE sanitary gaskets products ever. AmeriFlexTM products seal with greater efficiency, extending gasket life, even achieving and maintaining seal performance under vacuum. Seal-ability provided by the elastomer and an inert contact surface makes AmeriFlexTM are the most versatile gaskets. So plants can standardize on the right AmeriFlex GasketTM for every connection in the plant.

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FlowSmart Ameriflex Gasket

Dimensions in Inches Gasket Part Numbers Type
Tube Size ØA OD ØB Bore ID PolyEnvelope PolyFlex PolyShield (PTFE) PolyShield (PolySteel)
1/2" 0.852 0.380 B42MPGR(X)-ENV-050 B42MPGR(X)-050 PSHLD-(X)-050 SSHLD-(X)-050
3/4" 0.852 0.620 B42MPGR(X)-ENV-075 B42MPGR(X)-075 PSHLD-(X)-075 SSHLD-(X)-075
1" 1.984 1.187 B40MPGR(X)-ENV-100 B40MPGR(X)-100 PSHLD-(X)-100 SSHLD-(X)-100
1-1/2" 1.984 0.877 B40MPGR(X)-ENV-150 B40MPGR(X)-150 PSHLD-(X)-150 SSHLD-(X)-150
2" 1.984 1.187 B40MPGR(X)-ENV-200 B40MPGR(X)-200 PSHLD-(X)-200 SSHLD-(X)-200
2-1/2" 2.515 1.877 B40MPGR(X)-ENV-180 B40MPGR(X)-180 PSHLD-(X)-180 SSHLD-(X)-180
3" 3.050 2.188 B40MPGR(X)-ENV-300 B40MPGR(X)-300 PSHLD-(X)-300 SSHLD-(X)-300
4" 3.579 2.878 B40MPGR(X)-ENV-400 B40MPGR(X)-400 PSHLD-(X)-400 SSHLD-(X)-400
(X) = (E)PDM , (V)iton