High Purity Polymer Products 302-536-6388
Certified to ISO 9001:2015

Colored Materials


The ColorGrip R gasket is the most comprehensive sanitary gasket designed with a compression stop, color coding, and alignment aid for accurate assembly providing the ultimate assurance for alignment, Component Segregation, and it will eliminate issues caused by gasket intrusion.

Flow Smart Inc. has created the ideal marriage of polymers by combining a rigid mechanical stop comprised of a medical grade plastic, interlinked with our premier pedigree of elastomers engineered to provide the ideal hygenic seal. It is proven to achieve extended life with process fluids and steam applications.


Achieving a clean contact surface is critical to high purity processing. The ColorGrip R is engineered to replace a conventional clamp gasket and prevent overtightening to establish an ideal elastomer to stainless steel transition at the sealing location.

With the ColorGrip the elastomer will not extrude into the inside diameter of the process pipeline. The ColorGrip accomplishes our goal by combining a hard stop with an elastomer. The rigid surface limits the load that the elastomer would typically be subject to.


The GRIPPING feature will make gasket assemblies more efficient. The ColorGrip will stay in place while you use your hands to make up the assembly, helping to ensure the ideal alignment. This also limits the possibility of gaskets falling on process floors.


The ColorGrip Gasket enables users to segregate process lines by color coding or to design SOP programs as an aid to control maintenance changes.

GR Material Color Size

"GR" for ColorGrip R


BE = Blue

1/2" = 050

V = Viton A R

YW = Yellow

3/4" = 075

RXPX = Platinum Silicone

RD = Red

1" = 100

VGF = Viton GF - 600S R

GN = Green

1-1/2" = 150

VEX = Viton Extreme R

WE = White

2" = 200

AF = Aflas


3" = 300



- Of course the ColorGrip is made in the USA. - Precision Engineered for the smoothest seal transition in a clamp design. - Extended life due to compression control. - FDA and USP Class VI Elastomers and plastic. Specifications available upon request. - Fully traceable materials documented on certifications. - Animal derived ingredients free. - Hands free installation. Easy on - easy off. - The only color coded design of 1/2" and 3/4" Clamp gasket sizes. Part Number Examples:

1/2" EPDM with Blue ColorGrip R would be: GR-E-BE-050 2" Viton R with Red ColorGrip R would be: GR-V-RD-200


Plastic is comprised of Flow Smart's exclusive DuroLoc. DuroLoc is medical grade, FDA compliant, and USP Class VI tested material.


EPDM peroxide cured: Flow Smart's peroxide cured EPDM has been tested to have the lowest extractables of a USP class VI EPDM gasket. Our EPDM is FDA compliant.

Viton A:

Flow Smart molds genuine EI DuPont Viton A R for the ColorGrip R . Our Viton A R is USP tested and FDA compliant.

Viton GF-600S :

A high performance Viton material that has the greatest combination of steam and chemical resistance of any economical pharmaceutical/biotech grade elastomers.

Viton Extreme:

A premier high performance Viton material that can be chosen as a problem solver in extreme challenging chemical applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Platinum Silicone:

Platinum Silicone is available in a variety of choices including DOW and GE Silicone brands. We produce our ColorGrip R using non-pigmented DOW Q7-4780.


Aflas is available as a problem solving compound with great range of both alkili and acid based solutions. Aflas also offers good steam resistance.

VitonR is a trademark of the EI DuPont Co. ColorGrip R is a licensed trademark to Flow Smart Inc.