High Purity Polymer Products 302-536-6388
Certified to ISO 9001:2015

FlowSmart has successfully raised the level of polymer processing products

for the high purity Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Food processing industries. We place greater emphasis on compound quality and performance, controlling our traceability, product quality, and engineering improved products and our results have set us apart. Now, many plants have switched their business exclusively to FlowSmart for their clamp gaskets and other critical seals. We continue to set the bar in critical areas of high purity components for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Food Processing Equipment.

Learn the FlowSmart difference:

Compound Quality and Performance

FlowSmart has developed the finest pedigree of compounds ranging from EPDM, Viton, Viton GF-6005, Platinum Silicone, PolySteel-Stainless filled TFM, Teflon, TFM, to Poly4D, the first PTFE based materials designed specifically for detectability. All of our materials are available as metal detectable compounds. We sell millions of Tri-Clamp® Gaskets and High Purity Seals using our compounds. FlowSmart's compounds have performed successfully in many industry applications and studies.


We maintain traceability down from the ingredients all the way to the finished product. Lot numbers are stored in our live computer system. All of our products are accurately inventoried in packaging with lot numbers. We ship with certifications indicating the lot number on each label. Our electronically stored lot numbers can be traced instantaneously through our system on past orders

Product Quality and ISO

FlowSmart engineers quality products by understanding the application and making complete and thorough design considerations. Then we build tooling that produces the product that will best perform in the application. We challenge the industry to compare our products to others you'll see an improved geometry, finish and dimensional accuracy. Engineers who look closely will see the difference. FlowSmart guarantees product consistency. We use our ISO program to ensure our performance and we have USP Class VI tested more compounds than any other gasket company.

Engineering Improved Products

As we continue to evolve the process industry by introducing new, improved products we can engineer a solution for your application.

Tri-Clamp® is a registered trademark of the Alfa-Laval Company.